Success Stories

In his coaching career, Nemanja has guided numerous students to national and international chess victories, with many achieving titles such as National Master and Fide Master. His personalized training approach and deep understanding of each student's style have been instrumental in their success, nurturing both their skills and passion for the game.


Below are testimonials from satisfied students who have experienced firsthand the transformative impact of Nemanja's coaching. Each endorsement reflects the significant strides made under his guidance, showcasing his ability to elevate players to their peak performance levels.

"Nemanja has been an excellent influence on my son and his techniques/coaching has helped my son rise through the ratings to become the top 15 in USA for 7 and under players. His dedication sets him apart where he is available for all his students at any time. We have had tournaments when we were able to approach him between games to understand how to play a position and he would squeeze in 15 mins to help his student out before the next game. He has always put his students interest as priority. He has built a great rapport with my son and my son looks forward to his classes with Nemanja. He has the skills and patience to work with 6 year old kids, understand their mindset, connect with them and help them learn chess in a fun way and still have the kids take these classes seriously. Overall, this coach that has made my son enjoy the game of Chess and has made my son move from a beginner player to one of the top players in USA for his age in a span of 1.5 years!"


Experienced and student friendly Coach

Nemanja is Patient and very friendly with the kids, flexible with the time difference.My kids love his way of teaching and very interested to attend his class every time.
My kids are showing good improvement after a few weeks of his training.They are getting excellent coaching and guidance throughout
We highly recommend


"Working with Nemanja has been a game-changer! Their personalized approach and expert guidance have significantly improved my strategic thinking and overall skills. They tailor each lesson to my needs, making learning enjoyable and effective. Their passion for the game is contagious, motivating me to reach new heights. If you're serious about improving your chess, I highly recommend working with them!"


"Working with Coach Nemanja has significantly improved my chess skills! His personalized approach and clear instructions have made complex strategies much easier to grasp. With each session, I feel more confident and capable on the board. Nemanja's passion for chess is evident, and his commitment to my progress is truly commendable. Thanks to his guidance, I'm becoming a smarter player and enjoying the game even more!"


"Training with Coach Nemanja has really boosted my chess skills! His tailored approach and clear explanations have made learning strategies much easier. With his guidance, I'm feeling more confident and capable in every game. Nemanja's love for chess shines through in every session, and I'm grateful for his dedication to helping me improve. Thanks to him, I'm definitely becoming a stronger player!"


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Transform your chess skills with expert coaching tailored to your needs. I bring years of experience and strategic insight to every session, helping players of all levels unlock their full potential. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the fundamentals or a seasoned player aiming to refine your strategies, my approach will elevate your game to new heights. Book your session now and start dominating the chessboard like never before!